Born in Ludvika, Sweden 1974. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

In ink and graphite Jonas Brandin conjures an expression and imagery that leads the thought to magic, wizardry and illusion. Crocket playing crocodiles in suits, mythologized rock stars and cryptids. Embedded in gloss layers of lacquer, or as if behind a gentle sepia tinted silver gelatin print, wondrous sceneries appear peculiarly familiar – like segments of a larger narrative, possibly a sequence from a German Expressionism film of the nineteen twenties, or as if Henry Fox Talbot visited a variety show. Or the umbrella and sewing machine as filtered through a traditional Japanese ink painting.

Despite their often implausible content, the motifs appear fully credible due to the attentive craftsmanship and dazzling technical skill. The bourgeois salon is altered into a stage where uncanny metamorphoses take place, transformation acts that somehow encompass the inconceivable width of human pursuits.

Jonas Brandin is educated at Paletten Art School, Stockholm (1993 – 1994); Idun Lovén Art School, Stockholm (1994 – 1995) and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (1995 - 2000), Stockholm. He has been exhibited at Dalarnas Museum (2001) and at Ludvika Konsthall (2016). Brandin has received a number of scholarships and in 2018 he was a Studio Grant holder at Iaspis, Stockholm.