Peter Frie, Selected Works

Rådmansgatan 15

January 21 – April 3, 2021

Press Release

Peter Frie’s paintings are rooted in the long tradition of landscape painting, and especially in the way of depicting the lansdscape as a powerfully charged mood. The paintings manifest a powerful sense of place, but they also have a metaphorical dimension, so that any overly explicit link with a certain place tends to become blurred. Frie does not reproduce views, but paints memories. Peter Frie frequently arranges his painted theme so that it is part of a white painted ground, leaving this ‘empty’ space to act as a balancing factor that emphasizes the landscape theme. The large white areas flanking the depicted image permit a sense of expansion, like a screen behind which a continuation of the landscape will be revealed. 

Bohman-Knäpper is pleased to present an intimate exhibition of selected works by Peter Frie. Open by appointment, for inquiries please contact the gallery.